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Market Code

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Adhering to the Credit Union Market Code

Bengough Credit Union voluntarily adheres to the Credit Union Market Code. This code has been jointly developed by Saskatchewan credit unions, Sask. Central and Credit Union Deposit Guarantee to ensure the protection of credit union members.

The code sets forth guidelines for the following areas:

  • Complaint handling, which outlines the process for dealing with all complaints regarding the service, products, fees, or charges of Bengough Credit Union.

  • Fair sales by outlining the roles and relationship of staff to all member/clients and in accordance with the financial services agreement.

  • Financial planning process to advise member/clients on the risks and benefits associated with financial planning services.

  • Privacy to protect the interests of those who do business with the Bengough Credit Union. Privacy is the practice to ensure all member/client information is kept confidential and used only for the purpose for which it was gathered.

  • Professional standards to preserve a positive image of Bengough Credit Union among our members, clients, and communities.

  • Capital management to ensure our capital structure aligns with our risk philosophy.

  • Financial reporting to adhere to business and industry standards.

  • Governance practices to adhere to the intent and stipulation of our corporate bylaws, which are approved by the membership of Bengough Credit Union.

  • Risk management to ensure all risks are measured and managed in an acceptable fashion.

For more info, read the Market Code Handbook.


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