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Privacy Policy

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Protecting the interests of our clients

Purpose: To protect the interests of those who do business with the Bengough Credit Union from any unauthorized use of personal information, which members have made available in the course of conducting their business with this credit union.

Policy Statements: The credit union enforces strict compliance with the confidentiality requirements of its standard of professional conduct policy. In addition, the credit union subscribes to the Code for “The Protection of Personal Information” as adopted by the Board of Directors November 2014, for the privacy protection and confidentiality of member information.
Responsibilities: Implementation of, and compliance with this policy is the responsibility of the Privacy Officer designate, who in our case is the General Manager. The board of directors (the board) is responsible for periodically reviewing, approving and maintaining this policy and the policies of the Market Code.
Nothing in this policy is intended to prohibit the proper and responsible use of information given with consent, for the purpose of enhancing services or delivering fully informed decisions about services it provides or persons to whom services may be provided. This policy does not authorize the taking of any business risks without all information needed to support prudent decisions.
All employees are responsible for complying with the Market Code policies and related principles and practices.


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